About the Author


    For three decades, Robert Digitale has been a newspaper reporter in Santa Rosa, California.

    He has been trounced at tennis by the late "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz, and has had President Barack Obama (then a U.S. senator) put a hand on Robert's back in order to prevent a collision. (He still has the historic sports coat.)

  His assignments have included education, City Hall, real estate and agriculture.


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    While covering education, Robert wrote award-winning stories  on the growing ethnic segregation in Santa Rosa public schools and on the small number of Latino high school graduates from Sonoma County that have completed all the preparatory classes needed to enter four-year colleges.

    Robert and his wife Carol have their own publishing business: Franklin Park Press. They have three daughters living in Chicago, New York City and London.

Helping Hands

Two professionals provided their skills in the production of HORSE STALKER. Artist Loren Doppenberg (www.lorendgraphics.com) did the cover and the images of the key characters. Copy editor Lisa Ostroski edited the manuscript and formatted the file to make it ready for the printer.

But friends and family also helped me fashion the story. Chief among them were the three members of my writers' group: Tim Stafford, Dean Anderson and Paul Gullixson. Together they read, imagined and challenged me to see what this story could become.

My daughters and my wife Carol also weighed in with key recommendations. Their ideas were hard to hear because it meant pushing back the release date of the book, but the result was so much better.

Others read earlier sections of the book. I'm grateful for the feedback of Diane Holt, Rayne Wolfe and Jay Wagner.

Finally, Chris Smith, Susan Swartz and Tim Stafford read the manuscript and offered gracious words of praise for it. Chris and Tim also made some great suggestions for last-minute fixes.

To all, thank you.